Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stevie Nicks performing the song, "Garbo".

Stevie wrote the song "Garbo" after the photo shoot for the Buckingham/Nicks album cover, where she posed topless. She said this song was about having to do things in the business you did not want to do.. She also said she had just spent her "last $200" on a beautiful blouse, and hadn't eaten for days to look great in it...and they wanted her to be topless..she was devastated--but did it...

She then thought of Greta Garbo, and how she probably had to do lots of things she didn't want to do along with the other actress in Hollywood.

Garbo lyrics
I love to waltz with a man in a dark linen suit
All alone-at a party with someone I knew
From a time gone by turned into stone
You could be Garbo or even Marlene
You could be Marilyn...
Or you could forget
I play the part but then all of us do
And I do it so well as I do it to you
In this town full of strangers
In this town full of fools

Venus doesn't glitter when she stands next to you
When you're waltzing through stardom
You miss what you lose
Lose yourself in a silvery dress
For you think you must do what you feel you do best
And you mustn't give it up for you're still but a guest
You could be Garbo or even Marlene
Or you could forget...


  1. Dawn, I haven't heard that in a long time. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. The pictures in that video are just marvelous. I responded to your comment on my recent post, and pulled this up right away.

    I haven't said this in a while, and want to say it again -- your blog is just gorgeous, and your posts wonderful. I don't know how you do so many -- I'm glad you do!

  2. Dawn, I'll admit I never thought of Stevie Nicks and Greta Garbo in the same sentence, much less the same song, but "Garbo" The Song was so lovely and poignant that it brought tears (good ones) to my eyes. The photos you chose were so beautiful, with beautiful pictures of both Garbo and Nicks that balanced the song so well. Wow!

    My irreverent yet sweet hubby quipped, "You should clock how many times the word 'alone' is used, this being about Greta Garbo." Ironically, I didn't find the word "alone" anywhere! :-)

  3. Becky, I almost posted "Garbo" post on your blog, but.. was not sure if it would fit in. Whoever.. put the video together on you-tube did a wonderful job.

    Thank you for the wonderful complement on N and CF.. If you keep an eye on N and CF's side-bar it will let you know what my up coming posts might be. Although.. sometimes, I do have a surprise sprinkled in there..

    Dorian, I agree.. The song is so hauntingly beautiful, it does bring tears to your eyes.

    I wish I had put together the amazing video. It was put together so well, I do not think I could have done better myself.

    LOL..Your husband's remark was great.. Thanks for the smile..

  4. Dawn - really loved this one. Stevie is fabulous, and well, Garbo....
    Love the song, love the story behind it and love the post.

  5. FlickChick, Thank you.. I have been a fan of Stevie Nick's from the first time I heard her sing. For me her songs really touch my heart.


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