Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Silent Film Star: Corinne Mae Griffith. "The Orchid Lady of the Screen".

Corinne Mae Griffith (November 21, 1894 – July 13, 1979), she was one of the most popular film actresses of the 1920s and was considered the most beautiful actress of the silent screen. Griffith, began her acting career at the Vitagraph Studios in 1916. She later moved to First National. In 1928, she had the starring role in the film, The Garden of Eden. A film about Toni Le Brun, a Viennese singer, who becomes a wardrobe mistress of a Monte Carlo nightclub. Toni falls in love with Richard, but she comes to believe he is only after her money..

Please click here to view Silents Garden of Eden, movie review.

The next year in 1929, Griffith received an Academy Award nomination for her role in the film, The Divine Lady. The story is about the romance between Emma, Lady Hamilton, and British war hero Admiral Horatio Nelson.

This video is from Griffith's first sound film, Lilies of the Field, was released in 1930. This performance is called, "The Mechanical Ballet".

Unfortunately, Griffith's voice did not record well. After performing in one more motion picture, the British film Lily Christine in 1932, she retired from acting. She returned to the screen in 1962 in the low-budget melodrama, Paradise Alley.

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