Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pawsome Pet Pictures: Glenda Farrell.

Fun Fact:

In most movies, she only had supporting roles, but she's best remembered as a hard-boiled, fast-talking (she was able to speak 390 words in a minute) reporter Torchy Blaine in the film series of the same name.


  1. Siamese cats look so elegant. I think I'll go yell at my tabbies for not being Siamese.

  2. Oh - I love this picture!! Really marvellous! I may link to this one tomorrow on my blog, right?

  3. Caftan Woman, I grew up with a Siamese, we named Captain.

    Irene Palfy, You are more than welcome to use any picture you would like from N and CF.

  4. Thank you very much, Dawn - but at first I'll try use "new" pics.. Well, I think you know what I mean.. But thank you anyway!! Have I ever told you how inspirational I think your blog is?? Well, it is. Very!!

  5. Irene Palfy, Thank you for the wonderful complement. I also, find your blog very inspirational and a joy to visit.


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