Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Limping Man(1953).

The Limping Man(1953). British film directed by Cy Endfield (as Charles de Lautour), Cast: Lloyd Bridges and Moira Lister. The film was based on Anthony Verney's novel, Death on the Tideway.

The story begins when, Franklyn Pryor, gets off the plane and asks a man for a light, just as a sniper shoots and kills the man. Scotland Yard Inspector Braddock, asks Frank, if he knew the man? Before Frank leaves, he tells them that he will be in London for the next couple months and was waiting for an old friend, Pauline French. Frank, calls her apartment, but she does not answer.

Braddock and Cameron, go to the house and finds a picture of, Kendall-Brown. Braddock, shows the picture to Kendall-Brown's landlady and asks if she knows the woman in the picture. The landlady says, that had just been there that morning. Pauline, who is the woman in the picture, asks the landlady if Kendall-Brown had returned home. The landlady says "no," but that the police were in his apartment, Pauline rushes to her apartment, where she finds Frank waiting for her. Pauline says that she had sent a telegram, asking him to postpone his trip, but she is very happy to see him. Later, Frank tells her that a passenger on his plane was shot and killed.

Braddock and Cameron go to see Helene Castle, a performer whose autographed picture was also found in Kendall-Brown's room. Helene, tells them that she was married to him but they had been separated for years. When they show her another photograph, she identifies Pauline.

The next day, Pauline takes Frank for a ride in her boat and they stop at the Spread Eagle pub. Frank, notices a man with a limp, who seems to threaten her. Frank asks Pauline if she knew him, and she admits that she did, but when Frank offers his help, she refuses.

Braddock and Cameron question Pauline at her apartment, where she says that she had not seen him in a long time. After the police leave, they return to Scotland Yard, where they find Frank and they tell him that Pauline is a marksman which makes her a suspect, they also find indentations made by a cane. Frank remembers the limping man from the pub. Braddock, feels that Frank knows more than he is telling and has him followed. It's not long before Pauline finds out the man isn't who he is supposed to be.

Their is plenty of intrigue until the twist ending which may have you saying "say what". Still, a wonderful movie for a rainy day.

Moira Lister  (6 August 1923 – 27 October 2007) ,  began working in films in 1944, and performed in: The Limping Man, The Cruel Sea and The Deep Blue Sea.

She had a regular role in the first series of the BBC radio comedy Hancock's Half Hour in 1954-55. She starred in the BBC television series The Whitehall Worrier and The Very Merry Widow from 1967 to 1968. Lister also performed on other British TV series, Danger Man. In 1980, she made a guest appearance as film star Gloria Robbins in the sitcom, Only When I Laugh.

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