Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grand Central Murder(1942).

Grand Central Murder(1942). Comedy/mystery. It was based on Sue MacVeigh's 1939 novel of the same name, and stars Van Heflin.  Directed by S. Sylvan Simon.

After arriving in New York's Grand Central Station, two policemen lose their prisoner "Turk," who goes looking for his ex girlfriend/actress Mida King. It is not long before Mida, is found dead in the bathroom of the private train car and now Turk is wanted for her murder. The police see Milda's ex husband Paul Rinehart running away from the scene, and take him to the station, along with Turk, who has just been caught.

Inspector Gunther, has his men find everyone who might be angry at the the gold-digging woman to question them. Wonderful... who-done-it film played out in a series of flashbacks.  Everyone had a motive, most everyone the opportunity, but.. only the private detective knows how murder was committed. Will the killer be tricked into revealing him/herself?

Patricia Dane (August 4, 1919 – June 5, 1995), began her career designing clothes. She was signed to an MGM contract in 1941. Dane's earliest performances were in two uncredited roles, Ziegfeld Girl and I'll Wait For You (both 1941).

She performed in the film, Life Begins For Andy Hardy and her performance landed her a long-term contract. Dane played "Garnet" in Johnny Eager (1942). Dane, also gave a wonderful performance in, Grand Central Murder (1942), in which she was billed second to Van Heflin.

Dane took a break from her film career when she married bandleader Tommy Dorsey, the marriage lasted from April 1943 to September 1947.

Her MGM contract lapsed in 1945. Following her divorce from Dorsey, her next film performance was in the film, Fighting Mad, 1948). Dane performed in two television roles for, Fireside Theater and Flight Thirteen, both 1951. Her final film performance were uncredited parts in, Road To Bali (1952) and The Harder They Fall (1956).


  1. Thanks for filling in the background on Patricia Dane.

    "Grand Central Murder" is a fun favourite because it is jam-packed full of wisecracks, slang and familiar actors.

  2. Your welcome. "Grand Central Murder" is a great movie.


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