Saturday, July 30, 2011

Classic Movie Stars Birthdays for the month of ... August.

My favorite time of year on TCM is about to begin, "Summer Under The Stars". I  decided to put together August Birthdays in one post. As I'm also planning to celebrate "Summer Under The Stars",  here on N and CF and may not have the time to write 2 posts per day. I 'm really looking forward to seeing a few "new to me" movies...

Happy Birthday:

Myrna Loy (August 2, 1905 – December 14, 1993). Trained as a dancer, she caught the acting bug following a few minor roles in silent films. Her career bloomed with her role as, Nora Charles in the film, The Thin Man (1934). Her successful pairing with William Powell resulted in 14 films together.

Loy was never nominated for an Academy Award, but after screenwriter Michael Russnow, asked friends, Roddy McDowall, Sidney Sheldon, Harold Russell and many others for their support, she received a 1991 Academy Honorary Award "for her career achievement". She accepted via camera from her New York home, saying "You've made me very happy. Thank you very much." It was her last public appearance.

Robert Mitchum (August 6, 1917 – July 1, 1997). A wonderful actor, author, composer and singer. Mitchum is best known for his film noir performances during the 1950s and 1960s.

Lucille Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989). A wonderful comedian, actress, model, film and television executive, and star of: I Love Lucy, The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life With Lucy. One of the most popular and influential stars during her lifetime, with one of Hollywood's longest acting careers.

Billie Burke (August 7, 1884 – May 14, 1970). She is best known as Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the musical film, The Wizard of Oz. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as Emily Kilbourne in the film, Merrily We Live.

Esther Williams (born August 8, 1921, although some sources cite 1922) is a retired American competitive swimmer and MGM movie star. Williams set multiple national and regional swimming records as part of the Los Angeles Athletic Club swim team. Unable to compete in the 1940 Summer Olympics because of the outbreak of World War II, Williams joined Billy Rose's Aquacade, where she took on the role vacated by Eleanor Holm after the shows move from New York City to San Francisco. There, she spent five months swimming alongside Olympic swimmer and Tarzan star, Johnny Weissmuller.

Rhonda Fleming (born August 10, 1923), She acted in more than 40 films, mostly in the 1940s and 1950s, and was known as one of the most beautiful and glamorous actresses of her day. She was nicknamed the "Queen of Technicolor".

Alfred Hitchcock (13 August 1899 – 29 April 1980). was an English film director and producer. He pioneered many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. After a successful career in his native United Kingdom in both silent films and early talkies.

Ethel Barrymore (August 15, 1879 – June 18, 1959) . Was a member of the Barrymore family of actors.

Ann Blyth (born August 16, 1928) . A wonderful actress and singer.  Her performance as Veda Pierce in the film, Mildred Pierce(1945) and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Maureen O'Hara (born 17 August 1920) is an Irish film actress and singer best known for playing passionate heroines. She often worked with director John Ford and longtime friend John Wayne.

Mae West (August 17, 1893– November 22, 1980).  West made a name for herself in Vaudeville and on the stage in New York before moving to Hollywood to become a comedienne, actress and writer in the motion picture industry. When her film career ended, she continued to perform on stage, in Las Vegas, in the United Kingdom, on radio and television, and recorded rock and roll albums.

Gene Kelly (August 23, 1912 – February 2, 1996). He is best known today for his performances in the film, Singin' in the Rain and An American in Paris.  He is credited with making the ballet acceptable to film audiences.

Ingrid Bergman (29 August 1915 – 29 August 1982) . She is best remembered for her roles as Ilsa Lund in the film, Casablanca (1942), a World War II drama co-starring Humphrey Bogart and as Alicia Huberman in Notorious (1946), an Alfred Hitchcock thriller co-starring Cary Grant.

Fred MacMurray (August 30, 1908 – November 5, 1991). MacMurray is best known for his role in the film noir, Double Indemnity(1944), which he starred in with Barbara Stanwyck. Later in his career, he became better known as Steve Douglas, the widowed father on the show, My Three Sons, which ran on ABC from 1960–1965 and then on CBS from 1965–1972.


  1. I adore Myrna Loy...she is definitely high on my list of faves.

    Our family celebrates the birthdays of our favorite stars by watching one of their films on their birthday. We are behind on William Powell...we just were busy this week and didn't have a chance to watch anything on his birthday, so since he and Loy are so close and did so many films together, I think we'll catch them both on her birthday next week...I'm leaning to Evelyn Prentice. It's my favorite of their films.

    I have Fredrich March on my list of August birthdays...August 31st. But that could be wrong, as sometimes, the books in which I find things aren't entirely accurate.

    Oh, about Fred MacMurray...he was sensational in Double Indemnity. I will never understand why he didn't even garner an Oscar nomination for his performance there.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Many great and beloved stars were born in August (love Myrna Loy, Mitchum and the incredible Ingrid Bergman...) - on my blog I'll be doing a DVD giveaway ("Shadow of a Doubt") + autographed photo (Edna May Wonacott who played 'Ann Newton' in the film) in honor of the birthday of one of the great filmmakers of all time, Alfred Hitchcock.

    Thanks for honoring the birthdays of movie greats born in August, Dawn.

  3. Patti, Myrna Loy, is also one of my favorite actress. I also celebrate by watching one of the actors/actress films on their birthday.

    You maybe right about Fredrich March's, August birthday... I know, I did not list all of August birthdays..

    Double Indemnity... is my all time favorite Fred MacMurray, film..

    Thank you.. I hope you also have a great week end.

    Ladyeve, Awesome!! I will run right over and sign up for your fun DVD giveaway, "Shadow of a Doubt" and autographed photo of Edna May Wonacott. I would love to have both in my DVD collection. Thank you for letting me know.


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