Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Memory: Elaine Stewart (May 31, 1930 – June 27, 2011)

Elaine Stewart (May 31, 1930 – June 27, 2011), made her debut by winning Miss See in See Magazine in 1952. She was in many magazines such as Playboy and Photoplay.

She had a supporting role in the film, The Bad and the Beautiful (1952). She also performed in: Brigadoon, Night Passage and The Adventures of Hajji Baba.

She is also known as the co-hostess on two 1970s game shows, Gambit with Wink Martindale and the nighttime edition of High Rollers with Alex Trebek.


  1. Beautiful actress! I have heard of her and seen her in films, but I had no idea she was still alive.

    Sad how so many have left us this year :/

  2. Jnpickens, She is a beautiful actress. I'm really not familiar with her films. So.. my tribute was short and sweet :(

  3. she was a beauty


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