Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pawsome Pet Pictures: Donna Drake.

*Announcement- Pawsome Pet Pictures, has a new host. 10 week old, tri color beagle named, Winslow. Hopefully, he will not chew up the Pawsome Pet Pictures, before he posts them up. His first pick is, Donna Drake and her lovely poodle.


  1. Hi Dawn,
    Congrats to Winston! He's doing a bang up job already. : )
    You know how much I love candids so these posts are always fun.

  2. Lucy, Mina (two very old cat ladies of almost 2 years..) and Irene Palfy (an even older lady of uncounted years.. *cough, cough*) are greeting Winslow!! ;")

  3. Winslow, great picture! You show promise! My kitty Harriet, who is a beautiful calico weirdo cat, is waving her paw hello!

  4. Hello Everyone! I think it is Pawsome that my first friends are cats. Even though I do not think I have ever seen a cat. I did however.. eat a few tomatoes off mums tomatoe plants yesterday.


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