Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spite Marriage (1929).

Spite Marriage (1929). Silent comedy film. Cast: Buster Keaton and Dorothy Sebastian and Leila Hyams. Keaton and Edward Sedgwick co-directed.

Elmer, works for a dry cleaner, who idolizes stage actress, Trilby Drew . She, is in love with actor, Lionel Benmore. He dumps her for the younger Ethyl Norcrosse. On impulse, Trilby marries Elmer. Her handlers get her out of the marriage and Elmer finds himself in trouble with some criminals. What will become of Elmer?

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  1. Dawn, this has been a very entertaining and in-depth series on Ms. Davis. I especially enjoyed about her lesser-known films, like WINTER MEETING, which I have not seen.

  2. Classic Film and TV Cafe, Thank you. It has also been a wonderful learning experience for me. Bette Davis, has performed in so many wonderful movies. She truly is a very talented actress.


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