Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silent Film Star: Priscilla Bonner.

Priscilla Bonner (February 17, 1899 – February 21, 1996), made her film debut opposite Charles Ray in the film, Homer Comes Home(1920). She went on to co-star with Jack Pickford in, The Man Who Had Everything (1920), Lon Chaney, Sr. in Shadows (1922), and Harry Langdon in, The Strong Man (1926). Comedy silent film starring Harry Langdon and directed by Frank Capra. Along with Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, The Strong Man is Langdon's best known film. Capra would also direct Langdon's next film, Long Pants (1927), which would be their last film together.

Video: The Strong Man(1926). The film is about, Paul Bergot, a Belgian immigrant, who has fallen in love with Mary Brown, a blind woman. They met as pen-pals when he was fighting during World War I. Paul searches for Mary Brown by asking every woman he meets if she is Mary Brown. By accident he rescues her town from crooks and bootleggers.

In 1925 she successfully sued Warner Bros. and won a settlement when she was originally chosen and then dropped as leading lady from John Barrymore's, The Sea Beast, in favor of Barrymore's new real life love interest, Dolores Costello. That same year she starred in the film, The Red Kimona. In 1927, Bonner was loaned to Paramount Pictures to co-star in the film, It (1927), starring Clara Bow.


  1. I've never seen any of her movies, Dawn, but she was adorable. I love the picture at the bottom of Priscilla with her dog!

  2. I've seen Priscilla Bonner in The Red Kimona (1925), The Strong Man (1926) and Long Pants (1927). Priscilla also appeared in It (1927) with Clara Bow. Thanks for posting the lovely photos of Priscilla Bonner!

  3. ClassicBecky, There are not very many pictures of her on the internet. I'm glad that I could find one with her and her furry friend.

    Silentfilmfanatic, I have only seen part of the silent film, that I posted with this article. Hopefully, I will watch the rest of it this weekend.


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