Sunday, March 20, 2011

Silent Film Star: Dorothy Sebastian.

Fun Fact:

Dorothy Sebastian, went into semi-retirement in the mid-1930s after marrying Hopalong Cassidy star, William Boyd. After their divorce in 1935, Sebastian attempted a comeback, performing in much smaller parts. In 1947, Sebastian married businessman Harold Shapiro, to whom she remained married until her death.

This wonderful scene from the silent film, Slide Kelly Silde(1927). This is Dorothy's only scene in the movie. She plays a thief who cons Haine's character Jim Kelly into paying for her expensive lunch before he gets off the train, she takes his wallet.


  1. Thanks for posting this - she was delightful! I especially loved her with Buster Keaton (her "special guy")in "Spite Marriage."

  2. FlickChick, Thank you for the recommendation. I will look it up.


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