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Pre- Code: Bombshell(1933).

Bombshell(1933). Directed by Victor Fleming. Cast: Jean Harlow, Lee Tracy, Frank Morgan, C. Aubrey Smith, Mary Forbes and Franchot Tone.

The story begins, when movie star Lola Burns, wakes up to face the day with the demands of her eccentric family, her maid and her studio's publicity department. Lola, soon finds out the Hays Office, wants her to re shoot scenes from her last film. During the day's shooting, Marquis Hugo, Lola's current lover, who Space had tried to keep off the set, begins an argument with Brogan.

That night at the Cocoa Nut Grove nightclub, Space arranges for Hugo to be arrested for immigration violations, but convinces Lola that he had nothing to do with it. When Lola reads the newspaper headline about Hugo's arrest, she telephones Brogan, asking him for a loan for his bail. Lola, then writes a letter to the studio demanding that Space be fired. Space rushes to her house, telling her that it was a publicity stunt and he brought a writer from the Ladies Home Companion to interview her. Lola asks the studio to ignore her letter, then gives a interview to the reporter. The reporter suggests that she might happier if she had children. Lola, loves the the idea of motherhood and tells Brogan, that she wants to marry and have children. Brogan, thinks it would be better if Lola were to adopt a baby on a thirty-day trial basis. Lola, picks out a baby boy from orphanage.

When Space, is asked by reporters, if the rumor that Lola is pregnant is true, he runs over to the Burns's house where he learns about the adoption. Space, makes arrangements for reporters as well as Hugo and his lawyer, to meet at Lola's house at the same time that the orphanage women is there. While Lola, tells the orphanage women that she would make a good mother, her chances are ruined by the return of her drunken brother and the fight between Brogan and Hugo.

Heartbroken, Lola announces she is through with being an actress and drops out of sight. But, later is found in a desert resort by Space. While vacationing Lola, is romanced by Gifford Middleton, who does not know she is a famous actress. Lola accepts his marriage proposal. Just as her meeting with the Middletons begins, Lola's father and brother, arrive at the resort. The Middletons, are shocked and appalled with their behavior and that Lola is the actress that all the scandal is about and Gifford, decides to break off their engagement. Heartbroken, by the rejection, Lola tells Space she is returning to Hollywood, not knowing that the Middletons are stage actors who were hired by Space. Back at the movie studio, Lola overhears the Middletons arguing about their acting careers outside her dressing room. Now, that she knows the truth what will she do?

Harlow is in her prime, in this very funny comedy with lots of quick, very risque (pre-Code) very funny, one liners. I absolutely loved the costumes in this film.

Fun Facts:

The movie was originally written with a parody of Clara Bow in mind.

Shirley Ross' film debut.

Shirley Ross (January 7, 1913 — March 9, 1975). Her film career began in 1933 and the following year she introduced the melody of the song "Blue Moon" for the film, Manhattan Melodrama, only with different lyrics.

Ross first became known performing with, Bing Crosby in the film, Waikiki Wedding (1937).

In The Big Broadcast of 1938 she sang "Thanks for the Memory" with Bob Hope. She re-teamed with Hope the following year to sing "Two Sleepy People" in the film, Thanks for the Memory(1938).

Ross also introduced, "The Lady's in Love with You" from the film, Some Like It Hot (1939)featuring Bob Hope, which is not the 1959 comedy starring Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis, although both films share the same name.

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