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Niagara Falls(1941) .

Niagara Falls(1941). Directed by Gordon Douglas.Cast: Marjorie Woodworth, Tom Brown and Za Su Pitts.

The story begins when, depressed Sam Sawyer is on his honeymoon in, Niagara Falls. Dressed, in only his pajamas, is about to jump to his death at, Suicide Point, when a peanut vendor stops him and listens with a sympathetic ear, as Sam tells him his story:

It all begins on the way to Niagara Falls, Sam and his new bride Emmy, come across a broken down car, alongside the road and see an argument between, Margy Blake and Tom Wilson. The argument started because Tom, caught her rummaging through his things, while she was looking for a tire pump, to fix her flat tire. Sorry, for what he said, Tom changes her tire and the two become involved in a heated argument when Tom says, how great it is to be a bachelor.

The two go their separate ways, but.. they soon see each other again when they are involved in separate car accidents. Margy and Tom, arrive at the same hotel that Emmy and Sam, are staying and the all get into an argument over the last available room. Sam, decides to let them have the the bridal suite. When Tom and Margy try to check out of their suite, Sam thinking that they are married, locks them in the suite for the night and stands guard outside the room. Now, Emmy is angry with Sam, because they have put off their wedding for twenty years so they could afford a honeymoon in, Niagara Falls.

Slim Summerville and Zasu Pitts, were in ten movies together and they certainly worked together well. This was their last movie together.

ZaSu Pitts (January 3, 1894– June 7, 1963). Pitts herself gives the correct pronunciation as "Say Zoo" (/ˈseɪzuː/), recounting that Mary Pickford predicted , "any will mispronounce it", and adding, "How right she was...."

Pitts, was discovered by screenwriter, Frances Marion. She made her first film debut in the silent film, The Little Princess (1917), starring Mary Pickford. Pitts became a leading lady in the film, Greed (1924), based on this performance, von Stroheim labeled Pitts "the greatest dramatic actress". Von Stroheim also featured her in his films, Sins of the Fathers (1928), The Wedding March (1928), War Nurse (1930) and Walking Down Broadway.

Pitts grew in popularity following a series of comedies and earned her first feature, Better Times (1919). The following year she met and married actor, Tom Gallery. The couple paired in several films, Bright Eyes (1921), Heart of Twenty (1920), Patsy (1921) and A Daughter of Luxury (1922).

She also performed in the films: The Dummy (1929), Finn and Hattie (1931), The Guardsman (1931), Blondie of the Follies (1932), Sing and Like It (1934) and Ruggles of Red Gap (1935).

In the 1940s, she found work in vaudeville and on radio, with Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, and Rudy Vallee. She performed several times on the, Fibber McGee and Molly show, playing a dizzy dame looking for a husband. She had a brief performance in the Hildegarde Withers mystery series, replacing Edna May Oliver, which turned out to be not to successful.

Post-war films continued to give Pitts, the chance to play comic snoops and flighty relatives in the film, Life with Father (1947). In the 1950s she focused on TV, in Her best known series role, performing with Gale Storm on, The Gale Storm Show (1956). Her last role was as a switchboard operator in the film, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963).

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