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Good Girls Go To Paris(1936).

Good Girls go to Paris(1936). Cast: Melvyn Douglas and Joan Blondell.

The story begins when, Ronald Brooke, an English professor at a Midwestern college, can not believe it when he hears that his favorite waitress, Jenny Swanson's, ambition is to gold-dig her way to Paris. Jenny's, plans look like they may come true, when the son of a millionaire, hits her with his car and she manages to get a marriage proposal out of him. When her conscience(flutters in her tummy) gets the best of her, she can not go through her breach of promise suit and Ronnie tells her "Good girls go to Paris too", and that he is leaving for England to marry, Sylvia.

Jenny, while traveling to New York, meets Tom Brand, the grandson of millionaire Olaf Brand and brother of Sylvia. they have a night on the town, where Jenny learns that Sylvia is in love with the butler's son who is studying to be a Dr., worries that her grandfather will disinherit her if he finds out.

Jenny drives Tom home to the Brand Mansion, after he has had to much to drink, where she meets Tom's family and helps straighten out the families many problems.

Good Girls go to Paris, is a light hearted comedy, that will give you "flutters in your tummy". :)

During the 1930s Joan Blondell with her huge blue eyes, blond hair and wise cracking personality, soon became movie goers favorite. She performed in more Warner's films than any other actress and called herself the "Warner's workhorse."

Blondell was paired with James Cagney in the film, Sinners' Holiday (1930) and The Public Enemy (1931), and was one half of a gold-digging duo with Glenda Farrell in nine films. Her performance of "Remember My Forgotten Man" in the Busby Berkeley production of Gold Diggers of 1933, in which she co-starred with Dick Powell and Ginger Rogers.

Even though she was cast in many of the classic Warners musicals, she was not a singer, and in the Forgotten Man number, she mostly talked and acted her way through the song. In 1937, she performed opposite Errol Flynn in the film, The Perfect Specimen.

By the end of the decade, she had made nearly fifty films, leaving Warners in 1939.

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  1. I never heard of this one. It looks funny.

  2. In the "Forgotten Man" song, Joan's singing was dubbed by a black woman whose name, ironically, escapes me. (Forgotten woman?)

  3. Tom, I think it comes on again next month. I will look it up and post the date up on the side bar.

    VP81955, That is, funny...

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