Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woman on the Run(1950).

Woman on the Run(1950). Noir. Directed by Norman Foster. Cast: Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe and
Robert Keith.

The story begins one evening, as Frank Johnson, is out walking his dog. He witnesses a shooting, whoever shot the man then sees Frank and shoots at him. The shot misses and killer takes off in a car.
Because Frank saw the shooter, the police now want Frank to testify. They plan to take him into protective custody.

Frank,  decides to give the police the slip, leaving behind his dog. The police contacts Frank's wife, Eleanor, hoping that she can help find him. But she believes that he is actually running away from their unhappy marriage.

Later, learning that her husband has a heart condition, Eleanor gets his medicine and goes out looking for him, with newspaperman (or is he?), Danny Leggett  who wants to write the story. Frank contacts her, in a letter with instructions on how they can secretly meet. The instructions also say he wants her remember a special event from their past. But she has trouble doing so.

Eleanor and Danny go to amusement park at night to find Frank. Danny puts Eleanor on the roller coaster ride of her life.

This movie reminded me a little like the film, Strangers on a Train. One of my favorite scenes is the amazing roller coaster scene. Also, there are some great location shooting on the streets of San Francisco. I can highly recommend this movie with  wonderful performances, especially by Ann Sheridan.

Fun Fact:

The film was shot on location in San Francisco and at Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California during the amusement park roller coaster scene.

Robert Keith (February 10, 1898 – December 22, 1966) was a stage and film actor who performed in many films, in the 1950s as a character actor.

He is best known for his performance as father in, Fourteen Hours (1951), as a tough cop in Guys and Dolls (1955) and his performance in the film, The Wild One(1953), starring Marlon Brando.

Keith also had a starring role in, Written on the Wind. He had roles on television, including a role as Richard Kimble's father in, The Fugitive and lead roles on episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and The Twilight Zone .

Keith was married four times, but.. it was with his second wife stage actress Helena Shipman, with who he had a son in 1921, actor Brian Keith who starred in many Disney movies and in the TV show Family Affair.

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