Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week on N and CF.

The Gary Cooper tribute continues this week with two more films.

On TCM, Feb. 20, 2011. Morocco (1930). (pictured above) A story about when a Foreign Legionnaire meets and falls in love with a singer. It was directed by Josef von Sternberg and stars Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich and Adolphe Menjou. The story was adapted by Jules Furthman from the novel Amy Jolly by Benno Vigny. The film is probably most famous today for a scene in which Dietrich performs a song dressed in a man's tuxedo.

On TCM: Feb. 23, 2011. You Were Never Lovelier(1942). Musical comedy film, set in Buenos Aires. Cast: Fred Astaire, Rita Hayworth, Adolphe Menjou and Xavier Cugat, with music by Jerome Kern and lyrics by Johnny Mercer. The film was directed by William A. Seiter. Please click picture on side bar to read review.

ON TCM: Feb. 23, 2011. Cover Girl(1944). Musical film starring Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly. The film tells the story of a chorus girl given a chance at stardom when she is offered an opportunity to be a highly-paid cover girl. The film was directed by Charles Vidor, and was one of the most popular musicals of the war years. Please click picture on side bar to read review.

ON TCM Feb. 24, 2011: Friendly Persuasion(1956). The story of a family of Quakers in Indiana in 1862. Their religious believes do not believe in violence and war. When Southern troops pass the area, should they fight, to protect their homes? Cast: Gary Cooper.

ON TCM: Feb. 25, 2011. Bus Stop (1956). Unlike most of Marilyn Monroe's movies, Bus Stop is not a comedy or a musical, but a drama. Monroe does sing one song: "That Old Black Magic" . Bus Stop was based on two plays by William Inge, People in the Wind and Bus Stop.

Happy Birthday: Dame Elizabeth Taylor, (born 27 February 1932), is an English-American actress. She is known for her acting talent and beauty, as well as her Hollywood lifestyle, including many marriages. Taylor is considered one of the great actresses of Hollywood's golden age. Click picture on side bar to view past movie reviews.

This weeks (Updated Feb. 15, 2011). Chick Flicks at the Movies: Niagara Falls (1941). Margie Blake (Marjorie Woodworth), who wants to get married young and have two dozen kids, has a flat tire and traveling salesman Tom Wilson (Tom Brown), who believes in "loving 'em and leaving 'em" stops to help. Please click picture  on side bar to view movie.

Noir and Chick Flick is honored to be part of the Oscar Blogathon: Best Actress 1963, hosted by Classicfilmboy's Movie Paradise on February 21-25. Please join us and other participating blogs.

Have a great week at the movies. :)

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