Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a Wonderful World(1939).

It's a Wonderful World(1939). Romantic/comedy. Cast: Claudette Colbert and James Stewart, directed by W. S. Van Dyke.

Willie Heywood, is framed for murder while Detective Guy, hides him so he can catch the real killer, both of them are caught by the police, tried and convicted. Guy gets a year behind bars and Willie, is to be executed. On the way to jail, Guy comes across a clue while reading the newspaper's want- ad, placed by the actor telling him where to find the person, who could be the real killer. Guy jumps from the moving train into a river and escapes from the police...

Edwina Corday, accidentally gets involved in Guy's problems in trying to hide from the cops. At first, she believes him to be a dangerous criminal, but she soon learns that he is telling the truth. Eventually, becoming a runaway herself and falling in love with Guy, causing him a lot of trouble in their adventures.

In their only on-screen pairing, Colbert and Stewart, performances are just plain fun from start to finish. Even though Stewart plays a much rougher guy than his usual more likeable personality.

Frances Drake (October 22, 1912 – January 18, 2000). Made her Hollywood debut in the film, Bolero(1934) and was there after typecast as damsels in distress opposite horror stars Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre.

List of Frances Drake films:
Bolero (1934)
The Trumpet Blows (1934)
Ladies Should Listen (1934)
Forsaking All Others (1934)
Mad Love (1935)
Les Miserables (1935 film)
The Invisible Ray (1936)
And Sudden Death (1936)
Midnight Taxi (1937)
Love Under Fire (1937)
There's Always a Woman (1938)
It's a Wonderful World (1939)
I Take This Woman (1940)
The Affairs of Martha (1942)


  1. I caught "It's a Wonderful World" on TCM this morning and enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to see Stewart in less of a "nice guy" role than he usually played at this stage in his career. Colbert was funny and adorable as always. A very fun movie!


  2. happythoughtsdarling, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. The film really reminded me of Colberts other film, It Happened One Night(1934).


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