Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday: Dorothy Malone!

Dorothy Malone(born January 30, 1925). While performing at Southern Methodist University, she was spotted by a talent agent for RKO and signed a studio contract, making her film debut in the film, The Falcon and the Co-Eds (1943).

Malone's early performances were mostly in B-movies, many of them Westerns, from time to time she performed in small but important roles and Her first speaking role came in the film, The Big Sleep (1946). A story about a Dying General Sternwood, who asks Philip Marlowe to deal with his family's problems. Marlowe finds that most of the problems revolves around the disappearance one of Sternwood's employees who takes off with a mobsters wife. Malone played a young woman in the used bookshop, her glamor hidden behind glasses. Her character shuts down her shop to help Bogart's Philip Marlowe, find a first edition of Ben Hur. After her performance in the film, The Big Sleep, she became more popular.

Malone also performed in the film, Artists and Models(1955), with Martin and Lewis.

Malone became a blond for the film, Written on the Wind. Which, won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Later, she was offered roles in the films: Too Much, Too Soon(1958), with Errol Flynn. The movie tells the true story of Diana Barrymore, a actress who acted on both stage and screen was once part of the legendary Barrymore family.

Next she went on to film, The Tarnished Angels (1957). With Rock Hudson,Robert Stack and Jack Carson. A story about a World War I flying ace Roger Shumann, who makes a living during the Great Depression as a pilot at airshows with his wife LaVerne, son Jack and mechanic Jiggs.

Video: First of 6.

Reporter Burke Devlin, becomes interested in Roger's lifestyle of the former war hero, but does not like how he treats his family. Roger makes a deal with wealthy Matt Ord for a plane in exchange for a few hours with his wife. Tragedy soon follows.

Dorothy Malone's personal favorite of her films was, One Sunday Afternoon (1948)and the remake of, The Strawberry Blonde (1941). But, she also enjoyed doing westerns, Two Guys From Texas (1948) and South of St.Louis (1949), she loved being the only women on the set. She deeply regrets, that she did not audition for the film, The Big Country (1958), made by her favorite director, William Wyler.


  1. Her brief scene in The Big Sleep as the bookstore clerk who flirts with Bogie is a classic. Happy Birthday Dorothy.

  2. I visted with Miss Malone on her 86th Birthday! She is still charming and beautiful as ever. I informed her ofher still interested and huge fan base. She replied "that's amazing after all these years.


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