Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eternally Yours(1939)

Eternally Yours (1939). Director: Tay Garnett. Cast: Loretta Young, David Niven, Broderick Crawford, Billie Burke, Eve Arden, Hugh Herbert, C. Aubrey Smith, Virginia Field, Zasu Pitts, Raymond Walburn.

While Anita is making plans to marry Don, she meets Tony a magician and they fall in love and marry. Anita goes on the road with Tony’s act, even performing in his show with him. But his stunts become more and more dangerous and Anita can no longer take it. She divorces him and to get over the heartbreak, she marries Don. But Anita can’t escape Tony for long and not long after her wedding they’re stuck at the same party together.

The first half of the movie is very charming. David Niven, was quite impressive as a dare devil magician, who becomes torn between his fans and his commitment to his wife, which makes for a very interesting love story. Niven and Young, have wonderful on screen chemistry.


Virginia Field (November 4, 1917 – January 2, 1992) was a British-born film actress who performed in over 40 films including: Ladies in Love (1936), Waterloo Bridge (1940), Repeat Performance (1947), A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949) and Dial 1119 (1950).

She started her film career in England then was brought to the U.S. to perform in, Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936). In the late 1930's she performed in various parts in, Mr. Moto movie series.

Fields married three times, including a marriage to actor Paul Douglas and a marriage to actor Willard Parker.

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