Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Agnes Moorehead (1900 - 1974)

Happy birthday to film and TV actress Agnes Moorehead. Mostly known for playing Elizabeth Montgomery's mom on the TV classic series Bewitched, Agnes was also a notable film actress. She appeared in such films as Citizen Kane, The Magnificient Ambersons, All That Heaven Allows, Caged, and Hush..Hush Sweet Charlotte.


  1. What a distinctive voice. The other day I listened to Agnes Moorehead's rendition of "Sorry Wrong Number," broadcast August 21, 1943 for Suspense Theater.

  2. Monty, a couple of my favorite Agnes Moorehead, fun facts:

    Taught high school, directed school plays.

    Favorite color was purple - she was so fond of the color friends called her the "lavender lady."


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