Monday, November 29, 2010

Horror: The Nanny (1965).

The Nanny(1965). Suspense film directed by Seth Holt. Cast: Bette Davis as a devoted nanny caring for a ten-year-old boy recently discharged from a home for disturbed children. It is based on the novel of the same name by Evelyn Piper (a pseudonym for Merriam Modell), and the film was scored by Richard Rodney Bennett.

The viewer feels the tension right from the very beginning. Nanny has always taken care of Virgie Fane and is now the nanny for her two children. After two years, Joey is now coming home, after being placed in a home for disturbed children. Everyone believes that he was responsible in the drowning of his younger sister, although, he puts the blame on, nanny.. Both of his parents Virgie and Bill, are worried about Joey's behavior when returns home. Joey refuses to have anything to do with Nanny, but no one believes his story except, maybe the girl upstairs. The father, is called away on business and the mother ends up in the hospital after being food poisoned. Aunt Pen, comes to take care of Joey and she begins to believe Joey is telling the truth, when she sees Nanny, standing outside his bedroom door with a pillow. Joey, is so disrespectful that you believe that he is capable of murder and it makes you wonder, did he or didn't he?

Fun Facts:

The role of the Nanny was originally intended for Greer Garson who first accepted then declined, saying the script would not be good for her career.

The last film of Nora Gordon.


  1. God love Bette Davis for her strength, tenacity and willingness to play parts that were not flattering or loveable! She was indomitable. I don't know what Greer Garson was worrying about. Like Bette, she too was way past her romantic leading lady days. But then, Bette was never afraid to look and act less than beautiful even in her prime. Now, Voyager comes to mind, when she played the dumpy, pitiful Charlotte. And there is The Star when she played a forgotten actress past her prime, a very brave choice for any actress of her age. You just couldn't stop Bette!

  2. I agree with Becky, Bette Davis was amazing,truly one of the all-time greats.
    Thanks for another superb post Dawn.

  3. Becky and Paul, This was the first time I saw the film, "The Nanny". I agree what an amazing performace for Betty. It would not have been the same, if Greer Garson, played the part as the Nanny.


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