Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Dramas: I Confess(1953).

I Confess(1953). A Drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter, and Karl Malden . This was the only film Hitchcock made with these three actors. Biographers say he had trouble with "Method" actors such as Clift and Paul Newman, who worked with Hitchcock in, Torn Curtain (1966).

Father Michael Logan, is a priest in a church in Quebec City. He hires a caretaker, Otto Keller and a housekeeper, Otto's wife Alma. Otto Keller, also works part-time as a gardener.

Keller asks if Father Logan, will hear his confession. He confesses that he accidentally killed a rich lawyer Villette. Because of the binding secrecy of the confessional, Father Logan cannot tell the police anything he now knows about this crime.

At the time of the murder, two young girls saw someone leaving the house of the murdered man wearing a cassock. Evidence all points to Father Logan, who can not provide a alibi for the time of the murder.

Logan, in his early life before he became a priest, was in love with Ruth.

In flashbacks: After Logan returns home from fighting in the war, Ruth and Logan ended up stranded over night on an island during a storm.

In the morning, Villette finds them there and an argument breaks out and Logan learns that Ruth is married to a politician. Heartbroken, Logan leaves and does not see her for years. After which, Ruth is blackmailed by Villette. She meets with Logan on the night of the murder to ask for help.

Ruth tells the police about her meeting with Father Logan to provide him an alibi. Police believes that Father Logan killed the blackmailer Villette to protect Ruth and himself. Otto Keller, takes advantage of the situation and lies to the police in order to keep suspicion from himself. Will Father Logan be convicted for the murder?

 "I Confess" is a very interesting film with great actors and should be viewed by Hitchcock fans.

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  1. I must admit that this is one of Hitch's films I have never seen. Sound interesting, would love to watch it now. Thanks for the great post Dawn.


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