Monday, November 15, 2010

Blond Fever(1944). Gloria Grahame's first film performance.

Blond Fever(1944). Directed by Richard Whorf. Cast: Philip Dorn, Mary Astor, Felix Bressart, Gloria Grahame, in her first film performance.

Peter's wife Delilah, knows that Peter is having an affair with Sally Murfin, one of the cigarette girls at one of the nightclubs in Reno and decides to tell her that his Cafe, is losing money in hopes of scaring her off. Peter overhears the lie and denies it. Later, Delilah comes up with another plan to end their relationship when she hires Sally's fiancee, Freddie Bilson, as a waiter.

When a radio show announces the winner of a lottery, Peter and Freddie, who have both entered the contest, listen as the numbers are called. Peter has the winning ticket, which makes Peter and Sally very happy.

Later, Freddie accidentally walks in on Sally and Peter in the wine cellar, he awkwardly pulls a gun on Peter and threatens to kill him. Peter tells Freddie that he and Sally are in love and plan to marry.

That night, Delilah asks Peter for a divorce, and instead of alimony, she tells him that she wants the lottery check. While Delilah is packing her bags, Peter tells Sally's friend Johnny that he has made a big mistake and that he wants to win back his wife. Will Freddie find a way to win back Sally's forgiveness?

What a fun cast, Mary Astor and Gloria Grahame. This film does a wonderful job of entertaining. I think it is a very charming way to spend the afternoon, especially watching Gloria Grahame, in her first film performance.

Elisabeth Risdon (26 April 1887 – 20 December 1958). In 1918 she graduated from the London Royal Academy of arts with high honors.

She attracted the attention of George Bernard Shaw and was cast as the lead in his biggest plays. Besides her performances for Shaw, she was leading lady for actors like George Arliss, Otis Skinner and William Faversham.

She was also under contract to the Theatre Guild for many years.

In later years, she taught drama to patients at a veterans administration hospital near her Brentwood home.

She was married to the silent film director George Loane Tucker who left her a widow in 1921. She later married actor Brandon Evans, who died in April, 1958.

Risdon died in December 1958 in St Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, California from a cerebral hemorrhage.


  1. I recorded this the other day Dawn, and I can't wait to see it. Sounds like it's going to be a good film.

  2. Monty, I really enjoyed seeing Gloria Grahame's first film performance.


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