Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beatles Roof top Concert.

January 30, 1969
Apple Corps (Roof), London
This was the Beatles last live performance. Performing in the cold wind on a London rooftop in January. It brought the capital to a standstill, until the police, forced the concert to end. (Billy Preston on keyboards). Please go down memory lane and celebrate John Lennon's Birthday with TheLadyEves awesome Beatle review over on her blog, Eves Reel Life.. located on the side bar.


  1. As one of Apple's artists, Mary Hopkin, once sang: "Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end..."

    Thanks, Dawn...

  2. Ladyeve, Your article was so much fun. I wanted to share it with everyone.. :)

  3. Adam, Thank you for stopping by... I also wish there were more rooftop concerts. I love this video.

  4. Adam said:
    Rooftop concerts were a hit back then. It's cool that even the Beatles had a series of rooftop shows. I wish there were more of these rooftop concerts these days!


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