Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guest in the House (1944).

Guest in the House (1944). Director: John Brahm. Cast: Anne Baxter, Ralph Bellamy, Aline MacMahon.

One summer day, the Proctor family is looking forward to seeing Dr. Dan Proctor and meeting his invalid fiancee, Evelyn Heath.

Dan's brother Douglas and his wife Ann are very sympathetic toward Evelyn, who had a troubled childhood which left her physically and emotionally scarred.

Evelyn soon goes up to her room to rest and plays melancholy music on the record player.

Later, Evelyn faints when Lee shows her a pet bird. Douglas sketches her picture on the lampshade to calm her down. After he leaves her room, Evelyn writes in her diary about her desire for Douglas.

That Sunday, when the rest of the family goes to church, Miriam and Douglas decide to work in the studio. Wanting time alone with Douglas, Evelyn is about to join them when Dan returns unexpectedly home, she accuses him of being jealous of her. Then, Evelyn insists that he goes back to work, instead he packs his suitcase and leaves.

Evelyn next comes up with a plan to destroy Miriam's relationship with Douglas. Will she manage to destroy this family?

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The cinematography in the film, Guest in the House was wonderful and so is the performance of Ruth Warrick as the trusting wife. Absorbing and fun!

When All My Children debuted on January 5, 1970, Ruth Warrick, was among the contracted cast, playing Phoebe Tyler (the character's full name via her marriages would eventually be Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford Matthews Wallingford).

The show was an instant hit and Phoebe became a popular daytime character.

Warrick received Daytime Emmy Award nominations in 1975 and 1977.

In 1985, she played Hannah Cord in the TV movie Return to Peyton Place.

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