Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whistle Stop(1946): She spelled trouble for every guy that made a play for her!

Whistle Stop(1946). Director: Leonide Mogur. Cast: George Raft, Ava Gardner, Victor McLagle, Tom Conway and Jane Nigh.

When Mary returns home to sell her house, her first stop is to visit Molly Veech. Mary was in love with Molly's son Kenny, a lazy bum who's stuck in a small town, indulged by his mother. Mary is disappointed to learn Kenny still spends his nights gambling and drinking. That night at dinner, Kenny is jealous when Mary receives roses from Lew, the owner of the town's hotel and bar, and goes into town with her when she goes to thank him. Lew is watched by Kenny and his girlfriend, Fran. Kenny an Lew's animosity results in antagonism and arguments as they compete for Mary's affections. Later, when Kenny sees the bartender in Lew's club, he suggests that he and Kenny steal the money from the local carnival earnings and then murder Lew. At first, Kenny says "no", but when Mary tells him that she is leaving town, he may decide to go through with it. The results could be deadly, but.. for who?

Even though this movie seemed clunky at times, I did enjoy Victor McLaglen's performance in the role of the bartender. As for Ava Gardner, she is perfect for the part and she gives an excellent performance, in this "B" film. Tom Conway, also does an excellent job of playing an evil and ruthless nightclub owner. This may not be George Raft, best performance, but he was fun to watch..

Click to view the movie: Whistle Stop.

George Raft, was best known for his portrayals of gangsters in crime melodramas of the 1930s and 1940s. George Raft, is also known for his role in, Some Like it Hot, Scarface (1932), Bolero (1934), and They Drive by Night (1940).

Jane Nigh, was discovered in 1944 by Arthur Wenzler while working in a defense plant. She later signed a contract with Fox Studios. She performed in movies such as Give My Regards to Broadway, Sitting Pretty, Dragonwyck and Laura (uncredited).

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