Monday, June 21, 2010

His Kind of Woman (1951).

His Kind of Woman (1951). Cast: Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell. With supporting roles by: Vincent Price, Raymond Burr and Charles McGraw. Directer: John Farrow.

Gangster Nick Ferraro, who has been living in Naples since his deportation from the United States, wants to return to the States to put his business back together. First he must change his identity.

He and his partners pick out a gambler named Dan Milner, whose weight and height match Ferraro's. They offer him $50,000 to go to Mexico for a year, without revealing who is paying him. Down on his luck, Dan accepts partial payment and travels to Nogales, Mexico.

While waiting for his plane, Dan meets Lenore Brent, an heiress and singer. To his surprise, he and Lenore board the same small plane, which Dan learns is headed for Morro's Lodge in Baja California.

At the resort, owner Jose Morro asks Dan about himself, while Myron Winton, shares with him information about some of the lodge's other guests. Dan becomes concerned about Krafft and Thompson and confronts them, who assure him that he will find out more information from a man who is on his way to the lodge.

The next day, Dan comes the conclusion that Lenore is having an affair with Mark. Lenore is really Liz Brady, who is posing as an heiress in order to marry Mark, who is separated from his wife Helen.

In one of my favorite scenes of the movie, soft-hearted Dan helps Jennie's husband Milton beat Myron at poker. He then asks Morro about the man he is supposed to meet. Morro pretends that he does not know what he is talking about, then tries to discourage pilot, Bill Lusk, from landing at the resort, during a huge thunderstorm.

The next day, Bill confesses to Dan that he is an undercover agent and informs Dan, that he has sold his identity to a gangster, who has hired Krafft, an ex-Nazi plastic surgeon, to change his face to look like his. You will have to watch to see who comes to Dan's rescue, you will be surprised.

This is a fun Noir/comedy/adventure with Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell, beautifully teamed together. Vincent Price supplies many of the laughs and is a very interesting character in this film.

Video: Robert Mitchum's Studio Days Part 3 (about filming the movie His Kind of Woman(1952).

Charles McGraw, became popular in the film noirs during the late 1940's and 1950's.

His gravelly voice and rugged looks was perfect in the noir genre and he performed in many roles as cop or gunman.

Introduced with William Conrad as the two hit men terrorizing a small town diner in the film The Killers(1946), McGraw's best known perform aces include: Roadblock(1951), The Narrow Margin (1952), Spartacus, Armored Car Robbery (1950) and A Boy and His Dog (1975).


  1. Dawn, I'm burring this film to DVD as me speak. Raymond Burr is "Bad News, Vincent Price just about steals the film and I love the fact Tim Holt is also in the film.

  2. Paul, Vincent Price, is Awesome, character in this movie!


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