Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Errol Flynn!

Errol Flynn, was born in Hobart, Tasmania, where his father, Theodore Thomson Flynn, was a lecturer and later professor of biology at the University of Tasmania (UTAS). Flynn, described his mother, Lily Mary Young's, family as "seafaring folk" and this is where his life-long interest in boats and the sea began. At the age of 20 he moved to New Guinea where he bought a tobacco plantation and a copper mine in the hills near the Laloki Valley. Both business adventures failed.

In the early 1930s, Flynn left for the United Kingdom and, in 1933, landed an acting job with the Northampton repertory company at the town's Royal Theatre, where he worked for seven months. He also performed at the 1934 Malvern Festival and in Glasgow and London's West End.

In 1933, he performed in the Australian film In the Wake of the Bounty, directed by Charles Chauvel, and in 1934 performed in Murder at Monte Carlo, produced at the Warner Bros. Teddington Studios, UK. This latter film is now considered a lost film. During the filming of Murder at Monte Carlo, Flynn was discovered by a Warner Brothers executive, signed to a contract and traveled to America as a contract actor.
In Like Flynn Official Website.

Video about Errol Flynn and Mulholland Farm, his home in the Hollywood Hills that was later owned by gospel singer, songwriter, and radio star Stuart Hamblen, and then by recording star Rick Nelson.


  1. Good post Dawn. I didn't realize it was his birthday.

  2. Clara and Monty, (((sigh))). What an actor, he was!


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