Monday, May 31, 2010

Space Cowboys

OK, I can't help it. Of all the films Clint Eastwood has directed this is by far my favorite. If you have not seen it Shame On You
Here is the trailer.


  1. Paul, I love this movie about a geriatric crew and their relationships to each other. The cast Eastwood, Jones, Sutherland and Garner mesh extremely well. It has it's serious moments, but it also has a comic element running throughout. My favorite scenes are when Corvin first tracks his friends down. I also love the last scene where you get completely wrapped up in the film emotionally and will have you on the edge of your seat. A wonderful story about friendship, loyalties, age and ability. I would love to have this movie in my DVD collection.

  2. Dawn, it's a Must Have. I Got It before I even had my first DVD player. BTW I now have 5.(including the HP Desk top.)

  3. Truly a great & fun flick! My mom raves over this movie to everyone! It's hard not to like this one - four great stars playing beautifully off each other -- not trying to upstage one another!


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