Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She Went to the Races(1945). A NECK-TO-NECK FINISH!

She Went To the Races(1945). Director: Willis Goldbeck. Cast Frances Gifford, James Graig and Ava Gardner.

I did not get home in time to see the movie Heavenly Body, but.. I did catch the movie, She Went to the Races. I was surprised that it was such a cute movie to watch while I was cooking dinner.

When Dr. Ann Wotters, a young scientist at the Brockhurst Institute of Research, learns that her uncle Dr. Homer Pecke, is being forced to retire because the institute could not raise the $20,000 needed for his research, she wants to do something to help. Dr. Gurke, Dr. Pembroke and Dr. Collyer, are also worried about Homer, and they learn a quick way to raise money from, the janitor,who tells them about his winnings at the racetrack. Gurke, Pembroke and Collyer come up with a "scientific" formula to predict the outcome of future races. After, they let Ann in on their plans, they head off for Pasadena, where they hope to look for a place to stay and conduct thier experiments. Soon the scientists find out that all the hotels are booked. Not to be stopped, Ann talks her way into a hotel room that has been reserved for Steve Canfield, a horse owner. When Steve arrives in his room, Ann charms him into letting her stay. After, falling in love with Steve, Ann's troubles begin when socialite Hilda Spotts, the beautiful ex- girlfriend of Steve's, who owns a competing horse, shows up. (Ava Gardner, who steals the picture). Gurke, Pembroke and Collyer belive that Steve's horse, Mr. McGillicudy, will win the upcoming race, but Steve tries to discourage Ann from betting on his horse, saying that he cannot win in the rain. Will Ann win big at the racetrack and her new man?

I thought She Went to the Races, was a very cute romantic comedy. The supporting cast, is what really made this movie work for me.. Edmund Gwenn and Sig Rumann, as well as Ava Gardner in a well-played role as the other woman.


  1. Dawn,

    I'm kicking myself because I thought about recording this movie but didn't. When I got home I caught thelast 20 minutes or so of it and enjoyed it a lot. It's one of those unexpected movies that turns out to be really good. Love your post, and now I will make this a must see whenever TCM plays it again.

  2. Monty, I really was not planning on watching, She Went to the Races. But now, I'm glad that I did.


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