Wednesday, May 5, 2010

John Wayne Collector's Edition Monopoly.

John Wayne Collector's Edition Monopoly:

The Duke and Monopoly...together at last!
Created with fans in mind!
Features exclusive game components!
This John Wayne Collector's Edition Monopoly game features locations significant to the American icon's personal and professional life. The Classic and The Legend Cards replace classic Community Chest and Chance Cards. Includes 6 collectible John Wayne-themed tokens: Cowboy Hat, Belt Buckle, Cowboy Boot, Director's Chair, Duke the Dog and Stagecoach.


  1. I betcha one of the properties is the Alamo!

  2. I read that some of the properties are:
    Rio Bravo.
    Old Tucson.
    Monument Valley.
    Wild Goose(John Waynes, yacht).
    I would not be suprised if Alamo, was also included in the list of properties.


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