Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961)

Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961). Cast: Deborah Walley and James Darren in a sequel to the 1959 Sandra Dee "beach movie" Gidget. The sequel is about a high school surfer girl's romance with her college sweetheart Moondoggie. The film is the second of three Gidget films directed by Paul Wendkos. The screenplay was written by Ruth Brooks Flippen based on characters created by Frederick Kohner. Actor James Darren reprised his 1959 role of "Moondoggie", and another veteran of the 1959 film, Joby Baker, makes an appearance.

I just finished watching Gidget Goes Hawaiian, for the first time.. What a fun movie.. Now, I feel it is official.. Summer is here!!! The story begins when, Gidget Lawrence has an argument with her surfer boyfriend, Jeff Mather, when she tells him that her parents are taking her to Waikiki Beach. Her feelings are hurt when he congratulates her instead of being upset that she is going on a wonderful vacation without him. While on the plane the Lawrences become friends with Mitzi and Monty Stewart and their teen aged daughter, Abby. Gidget feels sorry for herself even though dancer Eddie Horner, has eyes for her.

Worried about Gidget, Mr. Lawrence sends for Jeff. At the same time Gidget decides to have fun. Jeff arrives just in time to see Gidget kissing Eddie and so begins one misunderstanding after another.


  1. This is too crazy Dawn. For some reason I had a dream about Deborah Walley last night. And then I wake up this morning to find this wonderful post you wrote. Weird. But I have only seen her in the Gidget films. Would love to see more of her now. And thanks for all the facts about her. So she lives in Sedona? That's your favorite place right? Great post Dawn.

  2. Monty, LOL.. We have the same taste in films. :)

    Yes, she used to live in Sedona. My favorite place. I do not remember the year she passed away.

  3. Deborah Walley (August 12, 1943-May 10, 2001).

  4. Aw, I thought she was still alive. Sorry to hear that. Well thanks for remembering her with all those posts you made about her. She was only 57 when she passed?


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