Friday, May 28, 2010

Ella Raines

Ella Raines, studied drama at the University of Washington and was performing in a play there when she was seen by Howard Hawks. She became the first actor signed to the new production company he had formed with the actor Charles Boyer, "B-H Productions", and made her film debut in Corvette K-225 in 1943.

During 1954 she performed in her own television series Janet Dean, Registered Nurse. She also performed in television series, Robert Montgomery Presents, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents, Lights Out, Pulitzer Prize Playhouse and The Christophers.

She retired from acting in 1957, but made one further acting performance with a guest role in the series Matt Houston in 1984.

From the movie: Phantom Lady (1944). Classic jazzy jam sessions with Ella Raines.


  1. Dawn the drummer on screen is Elisha Cook Jr. Best known for the role of Wilber Cook in the Bogart version of The Maltese Falcon.

  2. Paul, Ohmygosh!! I thought he looked familiar..


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