Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Party Girl (1958) : "They're crooked...but the money's good!"

Party Girl(1958). Film noir. Director; Nicholas Ray. Cast: Robert Taylor, Lee J. Cobb and Cyd Charisse. Party Girl marked the last film Robert Taylor(age47)did under contract for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

I just watched Party Girl for the first time, is a very unique movie. Not only is it your standard Film Noir, with a clever story line, Charisse also performs two dance routines. I thought that Taylor and Cyd, gave excellent performances. Taylor, is playing a role loosely based on Dixie Davis, lawyer for mob boss Dutch Schultz of New York, who later turned informant and married a beautiful showgirl. Cobb plays a very convincing performance as "Wild-Man-of-Borneo", who threatens to hurt the showgirl if his lawyer leaves him. This maybe my favorite performance of Charisse, who also dances into two sensuous nightclub dances..Party Girl, really is one of the more beautiful film noirs I have seen, maybe because it is filmed in color, where you can see how stunning Cyd's dance costumes are.

Dance sequence # 1 Directed by Nicholas Ray.

Dance sequence # 2 Directed by Nicholas Ray.

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  1. I recorded this the other day Dawn. Hope to watch it soon.


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