Friday, April 2, 2010

John Forsythe (Jan. 29,1918- April 1, 2010).

John Forsythe, before he was a successful actor, he worked as a baseball announcer and a drama teacher. Forsythe starred in three television series, spanning three decades, as single father Bentley Gregg in the 1950's sitcom Bachelor Father (1957–1962); as the unseen millionaire Charles Townsend on the 1970s crime drama Charlie's Angels (1976–1981), and as a patriarch Blake Carrington, on Dynasty (1981–1989). He will be greatly missed. Now he joins with another Angel that passed on last year.


  1. Do we have the same taste or what!? I used the same photo in my tribute too! I just checked in here and saw the same pic!

  2. Gilby, Awesome!! I will run over and check out your John Forsythe , tribute. The only John Forsythe show I watched was: Charlies Angels. I know the show seems dated now, back then it was awesome for me to watch a show which give an excellent example of how women should take life on their own terms.


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