Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joan Bennett- sang in films with her own voice, she was never dubbed.

Besides acting on the stage, Bennett performed in more than 70 films from silent movies into the sound era. She is best known for her film noir femme fatale performance in, The Woman in the Window (1944) and Scarlet Street (1945). My favorite Joan Bennett performances are: Amy March in Little Women (1933) with Katharine Hepburn. Father of the Bride(1950)with Elizabeth Taylor.

In the 1960s, she performed as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard on TV's Dark Shadows, for which she received an Emmy nomination. She was one of only three cast members who appeared on "Dark Shadows" (1966) from the beginning to the end. She performed on the first episode, June 27, 1966, as well as its last, April 2, 1971. For her final movie role, as Madame Blanc in Suspiria (1977), she received a Saturn Award nomination.

Pictured below sisters, Joan and Constance Bennett.


  1. I really liked this article. Isn't funny how Constance made it big fast in the early thirties, yet Joan elipsed her. Unfortunately, Constance was a definite "type" while Joan was more versatile. Plus,getting rid of the blonde hair I think helped Joan immensely!

  2. Dawn, one of my favorite Joan Bennett films is Fritz Lang's 1941 fil.m Man Hunt with Walter Pidgeon

  3. I must confess I haven't seen too many of Joan's films. Besides her Father of the Bride films and Little Women, I'm woefully behind on her films. Well I did watch quite of bit of Dark Shadows back in the day. But I have always been intrigued by her. I can add her to my list of actresses who I need to get caught up on their films. By the way that list also includes Doris Day. Good post Dawn.

  4. Thank you Gilby, I agree. becoming a brunette was the best move for her movie career. My favorite movie that her sister Constance performed in was, Topper (1937). I think maybe her personal life may have hurt her career.

    Paul, I do not think I have seen the film, Man Hunt with Walter Pidgeon. I will have to check it out.

    Monty, Thank you. I'm looking forward to reading your Doris Day review.

  5. Constance was great in light comedy -- I plan a tribute to her soon on my new blog. PS Merrily We Live is a great Hal Roach comedy she did with Brian Aherne. I think her personal life was part of it -- but she was definitely painted into the sophicated socialite and light comedy as a rule & that hurt her too

  6. I just found a picture of the Bennett sisters.


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