Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gilda(1946) Bewitchy!

Gilda(1946). Director: Charles Vidor. Cast:Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth in her signature role as a femme fatale. The film was noted for cinematographer Rudolph Mate's lush photography, costume designer Jean Louis' wardrobe for Hayworth, and choreographer Jack Coles staging of "Put the Blame on Mame" and "Amado Mio", sung by Anita Ellis.

The film is narrated by Johnny Farrell, the story is about a gambler who just arrived to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Just after he wins playing craps, he is saved from being mugged by Ballin Mundson. Mundson tells him about an illegal casino and warns him not play there. Farrell ignores his advice and cheats at blackjack and is quickly taken to see the casino's owner, Mundson. Farrell talks Mundson into hiring him.

One day, Mundson returns from a trip with a beautiful new wife, Gilda. Unaware that she once had a relationship with Farrell’s, Mundson asks Farrell to keep an eye on her. Farrell looks on in anger, as she flirts with all the men in the casino.

Meanwhile, Mundson is visited by two German's from a secret organization who wants their business dealings put in Mundson's name to hide all their connections. When they decide it is safe to take over, Mundson refuses to change over ownership. The Argentine secret police become interested and government agent Obregon tries to find any information he can from Farrell, but he knows nothing.

Later Mundson, shoots and kills one of the Germans. That same night, Farrell and Gilda confess, not very believably, how much they hate each other, then end up in each others arms. Mundson arrives at that moment, then quickly rushes to a waiting airplane.

Farrell and Obregon watch as the plane explodes shortly after takeoff and crashes into the ocean. Mundson has parachuted to safety, faking his death.

Thinking Mundson is dead, Gilda and Farrell marry. Farrell believes she still in love with Mundson, so he decides to keep away, but has her closely watched. Gilda herself, is unable to escape the love-hate relationship. Obregon tells Farrell that Gilda was never unfaithful to Mundson or to him. Farrell relieved tries to reconcile with her. Will Mundson reappear to claim his wife?

Rita Hayworth is wonderful as Gilda in this noir classic. From her hair-tossing scene to her song "Put the Blame on Mame,". Hayworth, gives a very convincing performance in this romantic triangle.


Amado Mio"
by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher
Sung by Rita Hayworth (dubbed by Anita Ellis) (uncredited)

"Put the Blame on Mame"
by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher
Sung by Rita Hayworth (dubbed by Anita Ellis) (uncredited)
Danced by Rita Hayworth


  1. Nice post Dawn. It's been a few years since I last saw Gilda. I can't wait for it tomorrow on TCM. Already got my machine to record it and I'm ready to go.

  2. Great post Dawn. It's been a few years since I have seen Gilda, so I am ready for it tomorrow on TCM. I've already set my machine to record it. Can't wait to see me some Gilda. Thanks for the wonderful post. Sorry about being absent today, but me and my co-workers had to take out some secretaries in honor of Administrative Appreciation Day. Be back on tomorrow though.

  3. Monty, It sounds like you had a wonderful lunch.. I cannot believe I do not have Gilda, in my DVD collection. Gilda is one of my favorite movies. Look forward to reading your movie reviews.

  4. Dawn, This is my favorite Glenn Ford film and what can I say about Rita, it is her best film.


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