Friday, April 16, 2010

A Chance at Heaven (1933)

A Chance at Heaven(1933). Drama. Director: William Selter. Cast: Ginger Rogers, Joel McCrea and Andy Devine.

Blacky, the owner of a gas station proposes to his long time girlfriend, Marje Harris. Soon after, the wealthy, Glory Franklyn moves to Silver Beach and the moment she sees Blacky, it is love at first sight.

Blacky leaves Marje to marry Glory, even though her mother strongly disapproves of Blacky. Glory, does not know how to cook and because Marge, still loves Blacky, Marje teaches Glory how to make, chicken pot pie.

When Glory, discovers that she is pregnant, she panics and runs to New York, to be with her mother leaving her husband behind. What will happen next to this mismatched couple?

I thought this was a fun film, even with a serious plot of a heart-breaking love triangle  Ginger Rogers, character was a little to sweet for her own good and not to believable.


Marian Nixon (October 20, 1904 – February 13, 1983), began her career as a teen working as a chorus dancer on the vaudeville circuit.

She began appearing in bit part in films in 1922 and landed her first role in the 1923 film Cupid's Fireman.

Nixon continued to work steadily throughout the mid to late 1920's appearing in, Riders of the Purple Sage (1925), Hands Up! (1926), and The Chinese Parrot (1927).

In 1929, she made her talkie debut as the lead in Geraldine. Later that same year, Nixon appeared opposite Al Jolson in, Say It with Songs followed with, General Crack(1930).

In 1932, she starred as Rebecca in the film adaption of, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Following the release of Rebecca, Nixon co-starred in, Winner Take All. The next year she had a supporting role in John Ford's, Pilgrimage.

In 1934, Nixon attempted to change her wholesome image with a role in the comedy, We’re Rich Again. The film wasn't a success and after appearing in eight more films, Nixon retired from acting in 1936.

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