Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Camilla Horn.

In 1925, with Marlene Dietrich, she worked as an extra in the German film Madame Doesn't Want Any Children.

She made her great breakthrough in 1926, when she replaced the popular American actress Lillian Gish, for the part of Gretchen in F. W. Murnau's lavish UFA production of Faust.

In 1928 she traveled to Hollywood where she played opposite John Barrymore in Tempest and Eternal Love. She returned to Europe, and in the 1930s refused to follow the official line of the Nazis and was prosecuted for a monetary offense. After the war the British tribunal at Delmenhorst convicted her for minor offenses (among them travelling without permission) and she was imprisoned for three months at the women's prison in Vechta.

From 1930 until her retirement in 1953, she remained a screen favorite in German, British, and Italian films, and late in life, she was invited to make her screen comeback, in the 1987's Schloss Konigswald. She spent her old age at Herrsching, and died at Gilching near Starnberg, where she had lived during the last year of her life. from: Wikipedia.


  1. Thank you, Dawn, for this wonderful tribute to an actress I am not very familiar with. The photos you posted are lovely.

  2. Silent, Your welcome. I took the opportunity to learn more about Camilla Horn, myself.


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