Friday, April 9, 2010

Boom Town (1940). A wonderful movie about romance, friendship.

Boom Town (1940) Adventure/ drama. Cast: Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Claudette Colbert, Hedy Lamarr, and Frank Morgan. A story written by James Edward Grant in Cosmopolitan magazine titled "A Lady Comes to Burkburnett" was the inspiration for the film.

John McMasters and John Sand, are having no luck on their own in the oil business . So they decide to become partners. Without enough money, they steal drilling equipment from Luther Aldrich. Their well is a bust and Aldrich shows up with the sheriff, to pick up his equipment. To get Luther Aldrich, to back them for a second time, they cut him in for a percentage of the well. This time, they strike it rich.

On the day the partners wildcat well comes in, Betsy arrives to see John Sand, and meets John McMasters. It is love at first sight for Betsy and John Mc Masters, and they marry. When they inform John Sands, of their marriage he is heartbroken. When John McMasters begins to take his wife for granted, John Sand's becomes angry. They get into an argument which they solve by tossing a coin for ownership of the well. John Sand wins and John McMasters and Betsy, pack up for Oklahoma, where John McMasters, becomes a oil baron. John McMasters meets Harry Compton and Karen Vanmeer, and decides to expand his investments to the oil refineries back East. In New York, John McMasters, spends most of his time with Karen and less time with his wife and son Jack. To help Betsy, John Sand joins with Compton, in a business deal, which gets John McMasters into trouble with the government, and he is charged with violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Which goes to trial. Will John McMasters, be vindicated and reunite his wife.

I love this movie! love the cast! For me, it is It a wonderful movie about romance, friendship.

Marion Martin (June 7, 1909 - August 13, 1985). She made her film debut in She's My Lillie, I'm Her Willie and played minor roles, often as showgirls. Several of her early roles were in musicals.

She had played leading female roles in several "B" pictures, playing one of her most best known roles in, Sinners in Paradise (1938). She was cast in minor role in the film, His Girl Friday (1940), Boomtown (1940) in which she played a dance hall singer who is briefly romanced by Clark Gable, The Big Store, Gildersleeves Ghost. Her more substantial roles included Alice Angel, a dizzy showgirl, in the murder mystery Lady of Burlesque with Barbara Stanwyck and Angel on My Shoulder. She also appeared in The Big Street with Lucille Ball.

By the late 1940s, her roles were often minor. Three Stooges fans will remember her as western cowgirl Gladys in, Merry Mavericks.

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