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Two Weeks in Another Town (1962). Drama based on a novel by Irwin Shaw Director: Vincente Minnelli. Cast: Kirk Douglas, Edward G. Robinson, Cyd Charisse, Claire Trevor, Daliah Lavi, George Hamilton, and Rosanna Schiaffino. The film depicts the shooting of a sword and sandal movie in Rome by a group of Hollywood stars. It contains several references to another Minnelli movie, The Bad and the Beautiful, also starring Douglas. The story was seen by some as the past relationship between actors Tyrone Power and Linda Christian.

Hollywood star Jack Andrus, whose decline in films has led him to a nervous breakdown and he spends 3 years in a sanatorium. His doctors now think that he maybe ready to accept a comeback role.

When Andrus arrives in Rome he learns that the part is no longer available, but.. is offered the job to supervise the dubbing of the picture.

In the evenings he spends his time with Italian girl named Veronica, who, unknown to Andrus, is in love with Davie Drew. After a huge fight with his witch of a wife Clara, Kruger has a heart attack and is hospitalized. Andrus offers to finish the film. Kruger, jealous, attacks Andrus and accuses him of trying to steal the picture out from under him. Heartbroken, Andrus turns to his ex-wife, Carlotta, and goes on an wild binge. Will Jack ever get control of his emotions?


This is the first time I have seen TWO WEEKS IN ANOTHER TOWN. Cyd Charisse, was amazing in this film. I have never seen her perform in a drama. Kirk Douglas, was also amazing in the wild car ride that shocks him into the realization that he can not let others control his life. It was fun to see a young George Hamilton. Even though I did not care for his character.

Daliah Lavi (born October 12, 1942), was born in Shavei Zion, British Mandate of Palestine, to Jewish parents from Germany and Russia.

She studied ballet in Stockholm, Sweden, where she appeared in her first film Hemsoborna (1955). Returning to Israel, her career took off in 1960, when she started appearing in a large number of European and American productions.

Fluent in several languages, she has also been in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English-language films.

Lavi's film appearances include: Two Weeks in Another Town (1962), La Frusta e il corpo, aka The Whip and the Body (1963), Lord Jim and the first Matt Helm film, The Silencers (1966).

Her most famous role was 'The Detainer/007' in Casino Royale (1967). With the decline of her film career, Lavi began a successful schlager singing career in Germany, with hits such as "Oh, wann kommst du?", "Willst du mit mir gehn?" and "C'est ça, la vie (So ist das Leben)". She recorded a German-language cover of Melanie Safka's Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma.

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