Thursday, March 25, 2010

God Speed Kelly

The passing of Robert Culp is very sad news Growing up as a teenager in the 60's I can not even begin to tell you what I Spy was to me then and today. It was a landmark show, and my all time favorite. Here Is Robert taking about the show in 2007

RIP, Robert


  1. Paul, I have not watched the news the past couple of days, so this was a shock to me..Thank you for your wonderful Robert Culp, tribute. I will also add a few words.

  2. Dawn, I just found out this morning . Robert did a three hour inteview for the Archive of American Television, and they are well worth the time. Most people do not know that Robert was a writer, and one fine director,who directed some of the best I Spy's and Greatest American Hero's. . I'm so glad I have all 3 seasons of I Spy and the Outer Limits on DVD.

  3. I first saw Robert Culp in Greatest American Hero. I've like him ever since, especially in a 1964 Outer Limits episode called 'Demon with a glass hand'. RIP, Robert Culp.

  4. I've just added one of my favorite Robert"bits" this is a "Guest Shot on Get Smart. It's a classic


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