Sunday, February 28, 2010

GRASS ROOTS performance in WITH SIX YOU GET EGG ROLL (1968).

Grass Roots performance in With Six You Get Egg Roll.
WITH SIX YOU GET EGG ROLL. This was Doris Days final acting appearance in a feature film, since her TV show The Doris Day Show premiered one month later in September 1968.  It is the acting debut of comedian George Carlin.  Also a fun movie clip of the GRASS ROOTS performing.


  1. Wow, THE GRASSROOTS, With songs by PF Slone & Steve Bari Too Cool, I'm Having 60's flashbacks LOL. Dawn look for Jamie Farr, and Bill Christopher in the "Hippy gang". Also this was on of Barbara Hersey's first films.

  2. Paul, Thank you for the fun facts. i can seem to get the song out of my head..;)


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