Monday, February 8, 2010


FALLEN ANGEL (1945). Romance/drama. Director: Otto Preminger. Cinematography: Joseph LaShelle, who also worked with Preminger on the film Laura. Cast: Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, Charles Bickford. The film is the last film Faye made as a major Hollywood star.

Eric Stanton a former New York press agent, who becomes a drifter and con man, who gets pulled off the bus because he doesn't have the fair to get to San Francisco, about 150 miles short of where he is going. Stanton, in the town of Walton, Ca. walks over to a small diner where he runs into a group of men who are talking about the disappearance of waitress, Stella, who later shows up.

Stanton cons his way into Professor Madley's room, where Stanton promises to help him get his seance show publicized. Through Madley, he meets Clara and June Mills. Madley needs to attend Madley performance and talks the two girls into going with him. The next day, Madley puts on a seance, bringing up the finances of, Clara and June's father, the late Abraham Mills . The two leave the seance very upset. Soon, Stanton falls in love with Stella. After a quick romance, Stanton purposes marriage. But Stella being a gold-digger refuses to marry him. Eric comes up with a plan to marry wealthy, June Mills, and divorce her as soon as he can. Clara knows he is up to no good and tries to stop the marriage. Stanton stays with Stella even on his wedding night. The next day Stella turns up dead.

Mark Judd, a cop-turned-detective, is investigating the murder, and his first suspect is Dave Atkins, Stella’s ex-boyfriend, until he learns about Stanton and Stella's relationship. Stanton flees to San Francisco, with June, only long enough to take her money. But.. he returns when he hears that June has been charged with Stella’s murder.

I thought Fallen Angel, was a dramatic change for Alice Faye. Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell, were both wonderful in this film.

Linda Darnell, spent a week working as a waitress in the Fox Commissary to prepare for her role.


  1. Dawn I've had this on my DVR for some time(my wife is a big Dana fan) and every time I want to watch it something comes up. Now I have to watch it. BTW Dana & Otto worked again in the classic noir "Where the Sidewalk Ends. Now If Fox movie channel would only run Iron Curtain again I'd be a happy camper.

  2. Paul, Where the Sidewalk Ends, is one of my favorite movies. Your wife has a great taste in actors.

  3. Dawn ,Finally got to watch fallen Angel this afternoon,and like so much that burned a DVD copy. I was able to figure out who did it before the last reel. If you pay attention Otto gives you enough to figure it out.


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