Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To: Classic Movie Fans:

Every couple of weeks, I enjoy spotlighting others blogs that have caught my interest.. This week.. I would like to spotlight: The Classic Film and TV Cafe. Which I really feel is my homepage.

The Classic Film and TV Cafe is a place for fans to mingle and share their love of great films and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the early 1980s. If you're a fan of classic Hollywood, world cinema, or TV shows like The Fugitive and The Avengers, then come on into the cafe and have fun!

Monthly features at the Cafe include:

Dial H for Hitchcock (hosted by TheLadyEve)

Bond is Forever (hosted by Sark)

Cafe Blue Plate Special - The Cafe picks a different theme for film and TV series reviews each month.

Weekly features include:

Underrated Performer of the Week, which pays homage to underrated performers.

This Week's Poll, which has asked Cafe patrons to vote for their favorites.

Film & TV Trivia by Paul2 appears every Sunday. These are tough questions and there is no prize...only the honor of getting the right answer!

Name the Movie Game starts each Tuesday night and challenges each player to guess a movie by asking five "yes/no" questions daily (it pays to study the answers that others get). The winner hosts the movie game the following week.

The Friday Late Movie, a weekly review devoted to the kinds of films shown on The CBS Late Movie and similar shows. This is where you might find a review for a cult movie.

And, yes, in addition to the regular stuff, there are reviews of films and TV series.


  1. Dawn, thanks for the the "plug " for the cafe and my Trivia Time every Sunday. BTW as you know some times there are prizes , such as the coveted "Free Pass".

  2. Paul, You are right.. I try for the "free pass" every week. :)


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