Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dick Tracy (also known as Dick Tracy, Detective) (1945) film based on the Dick Tracy comic-strip created by Chester Gould. It is also the first full-length film of the comic-strip, which had also been turned into a number of serials. Cast: Morgan Conway, Anne Jeffreys, Mike Mazurki, Jane Greer.

The story begins when Dorothy Stafford, is found murdered, police detective Dick Tracy and his partner, Pat Patton, are assigned to the case. Dick finds a note from 'Splitface," In the woman's purse, demanding that she place $500 in a trash can near the murder scene. Next, the mayor receives a note from Splitface, demanding that $10,000 be placed in a trash can for the following night... Soon, Dick and Pat find Thomas body. Dick sees footprints and notices a man enter the neighbors backyard. Dick becomes suspicious of Owens, the owner of the Paradise Club. Dick and Pat return to the crime scene and find a business card from the Paradise Club lying next to the body. When no one comes forward to claim the money, Dick begins to believe that the victims share a common thread.

Will Dick Tracy , find the common link of revenge before more are killed?


  1. Morgan Conway was a pretty good Dick Tracy, certainly no worse than Ralph Byrd. I really enjoy the DICK TRACY films, especially this one since Jane Greer is in it! Great write-up, as usual, Dawn!

  2. Thank you Sark, I really enjoyed watching Dick Tracy, Detective. I enjoyed all the actors awesome, performances. I will see if I can find more Dick Tracy films, to watch on line.

  3. Jane in a Dick Tracy Flick? l have to check this out. BTW Dawn TCM Is Running A Guy Named Joe Sunday @5.00Am Pacific Time. It's going to my DVD Recorder along with Billy Wilders 1948 ( not on DVD yet ) film A Foriegn Affair, with Jean Arthur & John Lund. TCM Is Running that at 7.15 PM Pacific also on Sunday.

  4. Paul, thank you for the heads up. i will try and watch.. A Guy Named Joe and A Foriegn Affair.


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