Sunday, December 20, 2009

DEAD RECKONING (1947): My Favorite Bogart Film.

OK ,as I said this is my favorite Bogart film for so many reasons. But instead of going on about them , since the film is running on TCM this Wednesday what I'd like to do is have your reaction to the film in form of a discussion after the showing.
With the Holidays come up fast I'd say lets have the discussion on January 3rd Time TBA if you are so inclined .
This film is one you really want to go into "cold" .
I really want your thoughts on John Cromwell's direction and the interaction of Boggie and Lizabeth Scott.


  1. Paul, I'm really looking forward to watching DEAD RECKONING for the first time. It would be fun to have a discussion afterwards. I will get back with you on the date/times.:)

  2. Dawn , I think you are in for a treat. That's all I'll a say for now.

  3. I saw this film when it played on TCM last year. Even though I am not a big fan of film noir, I loved this film. It's very entertaining and has lots of interesting twists. I am looking forward to watching it again on Wednesday.


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