Tuesday, November 10, 2009


THIS WEEKS SPOTLIGHT : CLASH BY NIGHT (1952)- a Disneyprincess, movie selection. :)

Director Fritz Lang, created a very tense realistic drama about lust and betrayal with CLASH BY NIGHT(1952), Terrific performances by Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Ryan, and an early performance by Marilyn Monroe .

The story is about a very cynical Mae Doyle, returning home after 10 years, to the fishing village in Monterey, where she grew up. Her brother, a fisherman Joe Doyle, takes her into his home. Mae soon starts a relationship with Jerry D'Amato, a decent caring man who owns the boat where Joe works. He introduces her to his obnoxious friend Earl Pfeiffer, who works at theater in town and is married to wife that is cheating on him.. She does not like Earls jokes, but Jerry considers him his friend so she continues to put up with him. Mae accepts Jerry's marriage proposal, and one year later they have a baby girl. When the wife of Earl leaves him, he starts an affair with Mae, who is bored with her marriage. Will Mae realize her mistakes before it is too late?

Marilyn Monroe, had a small part as Joe's girl friend Peggy, who works at the local sardine cannery. She looks up to Mae, and confides to her she wants excitement in her life, and not to be controlled by men.


  1. Dawn, I am looking forward to seeing this film today. I have never seen it, but it will be great watching Stanwyck, Ryan, and Monroe all in one film.

  2. Dawn, I watched Clash by Night yesterday on TCM and loved it. Stanwyck was superb like always and Paul Douglas and Robert Ryan gave great performances. Marilyn Monroe was wonderful in this early performance. Marilyn always had so much screen presence and she was so sympathetic in this role.

  3. I actually watched it live on TCM. It is one of my favorites.

  4. I am really enjoying our viewing parties.. :)

    Silent, Iam glad that you enjoyed CLASH BY NIGHT. I love the ending, where Jerry stood up for himself as a man.

    Princess, CLASH BY NIGHT, is an awesome movie.. Marilyn had a wonderful part. I see why she is one of your favorites.


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