Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here it is.. already December. :)

I want to welcome Paul2 (author) to our Noir and Chick Flick Page. He amazes me with his knowledge of movie Trivia. His posts are always fun and informative. Thanks Paul2. :)
I also want to Welcome Monty (author), a new friend here at Noir and Chick Flicks.
I'm really looking forward to reading your future fun blogs too.. Thanks Monty. :)

WHITHERING HEIGHTS. (1939) Cast: Merle Oberson, Laurence Olivier, David Niven. Movie review, located on PERIOD FILM PAGE. I replace it with the film, THAT LADY IN ERMINE (1948). Cast: BETTY GRABLE, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS JR. and CESAR ROMERO.

ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU (1948), won the: Which is your favorite RICARDO MONTALBAN film? With 60% of the votes. NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER (1948), came in 2nd with 40% of the votes. :) check out ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU, review on Esther Williams page. :)

THIS WEEKS SPOTLIGHT: LOVE AFFAIR (1932). Cast: HUMPHREY BOGART and DOROTHY MACKAILL. About an heiress' affair with an aeronautical engineer, which threatens his career.

STAR OF THE MONTH: Humphry Bogart. I' m really looking forward to watching Humphry Bogart's birthday tribute, every Wednesday, in Dec. on TCM. I think my favorite Humphry Bogart, movie is, BAREFOOT CONTESSA (1954), with AVA GARDNER. Please let me know which Humphry Bogart, movie you would like to see SPOTLIGHTED.

Under Construction, is the new Doris Day page and the Betty Grable page. Check out Monty's (author) awesome blogs, on the Doris Day page. :)

Have a great week at the movies.


  1. Dawn, Thanks for the kind words. I would love to have Dead Reckoning spotlighted. It's my favorite Bograt film and costars Lizabeth Scott. Maybe I'll do a post myself.

  2. Dawn, Thanks for adding That Lady in Ermine. I am a big fan of Romero and Grable and I love Fairbanks, Jr. I am looking forward to watching it this weekend, since I have never seen it. Dawn, my favorite Bogart film is The African Queen (1951) with Katharine Hepburn.

  3. Dawn, thank you for posting it. You have done such a great job with this site. It is so visually beautiful.

  4. Paul, Thank you.

    Silent, Thank you. I love to look at old pictures. I find them very interesting. I hope you do too.

  5. I haven't looked at December Bogart movie schedule yet. I am sure there are fantastic films lined up. I am excited for a month of Bogart films!

  6. It is really hard for me to pick a fav Bogart film. I think I might have to choose Casablanca. I know it is such a cliche, but I just love him in that.

  7. Princess, i'm also really looking forward to this months Humphry Bogart's birthday tribute.
    CASABLANCA.You got it. :)


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