Sunday, November 1, 2009


Pagan Love Song (1950), A beautiful south seas musical, where everyone lives in the sun and looks out for each other. This is one of my favorites films from the Esther Williams DVD volume II collection.

A tanned Esther Williams plays a Half-Tahitian Half- American woman, who lives with her rich aunt. Bored of the easy life of Tahiti and longs for the excitement of the United States. But when Hazard, arrives to take over his late uncle's coconut plantation, she has a change of heart. At first Hazard mistakes Mimi for one of natives and instead of correcting Hazard, Mimi playfully pretends to know just a little bit of English.

Later.. Mimi stops by to invite Hazard to a party at her house. Hazard accepts the invitation. Expecting the guests to be natives, Hazard comes dressed in a sarong. When he finds the guests are dressed in suits and evening dresses. He leaves the party and Mimi, realizing that her joke has gone to far, catches up with him and tells him the truth. After a short time they become engaged.

Everything is going well until one day when Mimi witnesses Hazard lose his temper with one of his workers Tavae. Mimi does not like Hazard's harsh treatment of Tavae and breaks off their engagement. Will Mimi ever forgive Hazard?

This is a gorgeous film. Scenery of the island of Tahiti was beautiful. A cute story line with some wonderful songs and one amazing coral sea ballet. I also enjoyed seeing the native dances. One that really stood out in my mind was the SIMONE knife dance. Rita Moreno plays a feature role, in sarong and long beautiful hair.

Fun Facts:

Esther Williams, was 6 months pregnant while filming PAGAN LOVE SONG.

Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse were the first choices for the leads, but Charisse was pregnant at the time.


  1. Dawn, I haven't seen this film, but I like south seas island locales. I want to do a blog in the future on a film set in the south seas. Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse would have been great in the leads too.

  2. Silent,That would be awesome. I can not believe how many films were filmed in the south seas.. It is a very romantic setting. I agree, I would have also enjoyed Cyd Charisse and Van Johnson as the leads.

  3. I just bought the DVD pack and can't wait to watch this one. Thanks!


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